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Why pay expensive gym membership fees, joining fees, and contracts?

5th March 2020

Why pay expensive gym membership fees, joining fees, and contracts?

The fitness market is booming in the UK and USA. More people want to keep fit and active. They know thats a great way to stay healthy.

But there is a minefield of payment options, gym memberships and fees that can be bewildering. Here we explore why you should use

NearYou the best way to stay fit and save money!

We at NearYou like to keep it simple. Just find a local fitness activity, yoga, pilates, dance, meditation, aerobics, nutrition, or martial arts and book an activity when and where you want.

With NearYou customers only pay for the activities you attend.

Let's compare NearYou with traditional Gym and studios

Times are changing, new players like NearYou is a free to use service.

Here we look at why big box gyms sell memberships that are bad for your wallet.

Why are gym memberships bad for your wallet?

Gym memberships tie you into a period of time. They work on the basis that most members will typically only turn up for a few classes or activities per month. This allows gyms to oversell the number of memberships than they have the capacity to cater for. The fact is many gym members often pay for activities that they don't use. Consumers are getting wise to this practice and prefer a Pay as You Go model.

Don't take out a gym membership that you probably won't use.

What is a gym or club joining fee?

It covers the cost of setting up an account. This is often used top extract more money from customers. Most people will sign up online and the cost top the gym is negligible. Yes, you may get a membership card but most gyms now use mobile Apps so you don't need a card anymore. 

Refuse to pay joining fees.

Why do gyms have membership contracts?

Membership contracts are designed to lock payments in. They are designed to guarantee that you continue to pay fees even if you no longer attend classes, the gym, or club. There are reports of customers forgetting to cancel their memberships, or finding it difficult, and in some cases impossible to stop payments. Contracts are designed to generate continuous revenue for the gym or club.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you know what the cancellation periods are before signing a contract.

Wish to cancel your gym membership? Citizens advice on "How to cancel a gym membership"

Why are online Gym and Class Pass membership websites misleading?

These can great value if you use them to access gym frequently. If you are dipping in and out they can be very expensive. They often run recruitment campaigns that offer free taster classes, crazy cheap introductory deals, promises of unlimited class access, all designed to get your card details and then charge customers membership fees, set up fees, and charge for classes on top. They often limit how often you can attend studio classes and change their membership pricing models frequently.

Warning! Read the terms and conditions before signing up. As they says there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Read the independent reviews before buying memberships, not Google or Facebook, as these tend to be packed with paid for reviews. Check out the bad reviews they are not written by the company.

* You can read NearYou reviews here. They are all genuine real people, real purchases independent Feefo review service.

Why are Pay As You Go classes like NearYou growing?

Services like NearYou give customers total freedom to book an activity when and where they want. Customers are NOT locked into a particular activity, gym, club or instructor. With NearYou you ONLY pay for what you use. Theres NO wasted money, no set up fees, no ongoing membership fees, and no contract.

Only pay for activities that you attend, pick and choose activities with no restrictions. Swap providers, try something, new bring friends along. Customers pay a very small service fee on each booking that covers, SMS, email, reminders, and support. See NearYou reviews.

If you were booking a fitness activity online who would you buy from? 

Over the last 3 years has won 3 Gold and one Platinum Feefo Trusted Service Awards, as voted by real customers attending activities on the website and mobile Apps.

Websites and apps like make finding and booking activities easy. Customers can book securely and have the option to book with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

NearYou where customers only pay for activities they attend.

OR a gyms, clubs who go out of their way to make it difficult and in some cases almost impossible to book online? Where they require you to pay joining fees, membership fees before you can join a class. 

The answer is self evident... 

Find activities on Near Me is the New way to keep you active and save money.

Don't take our word for it: 

See NearYou Feefo Reviews. 2020

“Very easy website to use. Tickets delivered straight to mobile phone. Great service. Great band and great venue.”

“Good service. Easy to use and worked a treat! Lillie is a fantastic teacher and her classes are always amazing.”

“Very pleased, will continue using. Easy way of locating local classes and new kinds of dancing. Enjoyed the classes very much, will book again for next term.”

"I think it was very useful and actually it was only one APP which showed me the classes around my area. Good class."

"Easy convenient way to pay."

Save money with NearYou and give yourself the flexibility you can afford. 

Find the best fitness activities Near Me.

Save money with NearYou and give yourself the flexibility you can afford.

*Service fee is charged on a per booking basis. 

Source: NearYou

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