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Why pay for fitness gym membership?

10th January 2022

Why pay for fitness gym membership?

Good question. For hard core fitness fans gym membership can represent value for money. For others who maybe attend once a week, or occasionally it does not make financial sense. And as many have found out during lockdown you don't have to go to a gym to stay fit and healthy.

Class availability in many gyms and leisure centres are currently restricted due to self imposed COVID restrictions. This means that access to the best classes and instructors is limited.

NearYou offers the best way to access the best instructors

Demand for NearYou instructors continues to grow in 2022. The website and mobile App have seen record bookings in the first weeks of January 2022.

The ease of find a class online or locally NearYou has proved popular with the public. In a few clicks you can book a class and not have to pay join fees or monthly membership fees.

Extremely flexible to keep fit and healthy.

Fitness Looking Back on 2021

In 2021 online bookings grew by a healthy 20%.Thats not bad when you consider the turmoil that COVID heaped on the public with lockdowns last for months on end including the pivotal January period.

Pay As You Go Fitness service offered by NearYou gained serious traction in 2021 offering the public the ability to book fitness classes without having to commit to on going membership fees, BACS payments, and annual gym memberships.

We expect more growth in 2022

Household budgets are starting to feel the pressure from rising energy bills, pay rises will for many barely cover increases in energy bills. In April a further erosion of household income in increases in national insurance and taxes.

The NearYou service offers the public access to the best teachers and instructors, on a Pay as You Go basis.

This allows for a more flexible affordable way to keep fit. Plus, Near You has introduced Klarna, allowing the public to book higher value activities in advance a pay over several months without having to pay interest.

This is proving very popular with over 40 million people using Klarna to pay for goods and services using their Buy Now Pay Later service.

Find Fitness classes Online or in-person Near You Here.

Source: NearYou

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