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Why the best dance instructors and studios choose to advertise on Dance Near You.

11th May 2021

Why the best dance instructors and studios choose to advertise on Dance Near You.

NearYou is the best platform for dance professionals, trainers and teachers to reach customers looking for fitness classes and workshops. It offers independent fitness teachers and fitness studios the ability to not only market their professional services potential customers in their own locality, but broaden their reach to a wider audience via online zoom classes, outdoor, as well as video on demand.

As a result dance businesses can expand their customer base, offer greater choice to consumers, take online bookings, and comply with government guidelines all on one easy to use platform.

5 good reasons why the more people prefer to book activities on Near You and why fitness instructors, studios and clubs can benefit.

1) Customers expect to have more choice

COVID-19 has changed the way people access dance and other activities, with many customers experiencing and enjoying online zoom classes. The easing of lockdown means that people can return to group gyms and in-door classes from May 17th. This is great news for many locked in their homes for months on end. 

However, research amongst NearYou customers and instructors on NearYou, indicates that not all customers will return immediately. They are still hesitant about returning to classes, others prefer online classes, and a growing number like the flexibility of online and in-person activities.

The findings means that customers expect more choice, online, in person and video on demand all accessible from one place. NearYou is the only platform that gives customers that choice.

2) Customers expect easy payment options

The public unable to access products and service locally they turned to the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and other online retailers. The lockdown changed the way the public purchased services, and this has had the knock on effect of how they paid for fitness activities. The shift was immediate, reshaping how consumers buy.

NearYou recorded a 32% in online bookings compared to the previous year!

The increase can be attributed to ensuring that customers could book online quickly and easily using ApplePay, GooglePay or by entering their card details. The NearYou App saw a + 120% increase in bookings and the Android version + 60% compared to the previous year.

3) More customers expect to pay as they go

Traditionally dance studios have focused on memberships. The aim of the game is to sign customers up to annual contracts and charge joining fees. The lockdown changed all that with dance studios facing the challenge of refunding memberships or extending memberships to avoid re-charges. Stripe the worlds leading payment gateway had to suspend refunds due to the volume of requests from gyms and leisure centres.

Research by Team Spirit in June 2020 indicated that across a range of sectors the leisure and fitness industry was one of the worst offenders when it came to customer care and refunding customers.

Dance instructors and studios using the Dance Near You on the other hand had No issues, because it is a pay as you go service. Result, instructors and studios were able to focus on attracting more customers, who liked the flexibility of the pay as you go service!

4) Customers expect more flexibility

The change in work patterns mean that many customers had to work from home many were and still are on furlough. This means that their hours of work varied on a weekly basis. As the lockdown starts to end workers are now enjoying working on a more flexible basis.

Flexibility extended to the dance industry, customers now demanded more flexible access to classes and more flexible booking options with a greater reluctance to commit to membership contracts. 

NearYou is the best way for dance instructors and studios, to attract customers, it meets customer demands for flexibility and value for money. The platform offers customers freedom to book a class when and where they want on a day and tine to suit them. They just pay for the classes as they go.

5) Customers demand trusted reviews

Lockdowns prevented people from meeting up, as a result word of mouth recommendations dried up forcing consumers to seek online reviews. Online reviews have become a critical marketing tool for fitness businesses. The much reported abuse on British media of reviews on Facebook and Google have reduced the value of reviews on these platforms.

In contrast NearYou was awarded two Platinum and one Gold Award in January 2021 by Feefo* based on real reviews, verified customer reviews from people who attended activities via the platform. 

Genuine reviews are baked into NearYou platforms DNA, which means it is a trusted source of class and activity information, and instructor profiles, all reviews are collated by the independent Feefo review system. Dance businesses can't buy reviews on NearYou but they directly benefit from being associated with quality dance teachers and getting 5 star reviews for their activities.

Why is NearYou the first choice marketing and booking platform for Dance instructors and dance schools?

Unlike most booking software NearYou is primarily a marketing platform for Pilates instructors and studios that includes booking software and related services. Just like Amazon, NearYou focuses on the customer experience, making it easy to find activities, great choice, fast delivery across any device and in-person. It is unique in its focus, a cost effective fitness marketing service that gives instructors and studios the ability to run all their business activities online. 

Dance teachers and Dance schools join Dance Near You and experience the future.

Source: NearYou

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